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Your generosity can have a major IMPACT!!!
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 03, July

During this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few months, your support is having a very special impact now. Learn how…

Are You Signed Up for Jazz Power On Summer Institute?
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 24, June

This is a moment of intensive learning, examining and clarifying for so many of us. All of us – parents, teachers and artists in particular – understand our unique positions as facilitators. Despite the onslaught of profound upheaval, we face and embrace our evolving roles as navigators to those who look to us for guidance.

Charlie Parker 100 : Jazz Power On
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 09, June

This year, we celebrate what would have been Charlie Parker’s 100th birthday with our second live streaming event CHARLIE PARKER 100: JAZZ POWER ON this Sunday, June 14… Learn more!

We hold these truths to be self evident…
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 20, June

Despite a worldwide outbreak, countries with catastrophic humanitarian crises, and an economic meltdown, it is still quite alarming that racism remains the world’s most deadly public health threat.

Onward To Greatness
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 27, May

With many of our students graduating, families are entering a new stage in life. It makes us think about what advice we give to those who are tracing a new path.

Stories Are What Make Us Human…
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez | 19, May

Now more than ever, we are deeply appreciative to all our teachers, performing artists, students and supporters for helping us keep the “Jazz Power ON.

LAST CHANCE Registration Open for 2020 Jazz Power Youth Master Classes
Janny Gonzalez | 03, December

Students who successfully complete at least one Jazz Power Master Class are eligible to apply for a full scholarship for 12-week Jazz Power Youth training program…

Educators and Artists enriched their jazz tools in our Jazz Power Institute 2019
Janny Gonzalez | 14, August

This year’s Jazz Power Institute was full of great energy and creativity. In our two days at Lehman College in the Bronx, we covered Jazz History, methods for teaching Jazz, Swing, Blues, Jazz dance, healthy singing, songwriting, Improvisation, and so much more…

Jazz Power Youth Workshop Showcase Performances
Janny Gonzalez | 14, August

On June 23rd and 24th, we witnessed two remarkable final performances to our 12-week youth workshop by our students. Here are some highlights…

Jazz Power Prep at PS4 Duke Ellington School: A Celebration of the Arts, Diversity and the Community
Janny Gonzalez | 21, June

On the evening of May 24, this group of 40 young children performed their final showcase to a joyful and proud auditorium, with great professionalism and commitment…

JPI Friends, WE MADE IT!
Janny Gonzalez | 20, June

The Jazz Power Initiative Fifteen Anniversary Celebration brought joy, tears, music, dance and hope…

Registration open for Jazz Power Institute at Lehman College this Summer 2019
Janny Gonzalez | 01, April

Jazz Power Initiative in collaboration with Lehman College presents a two-day training for artists and educators free of charge.