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Educators and Artists enriched their jazz tools in our Jazz Power Institute 2019
Janny Gonzalez | 14, August

This year’s Jazz Power Institute was full of great energy and creativity. In our two days at Lehman College in the Bronx, we covered Jazz History, methods for teaching Jazz, Swing, Blues, Jazz dance, healthy singing, songwriting, Improvisation, and so much more…

Jazz Power Youth Workshop Showcase Performances
Janny Gonzalez | 14, August

On June 23rd and 24th, we witnessed two remarkable final performances to our 12-week youth workshop by our students. Here are some highlights…

Jazz Power Prep at PS4 Duke Ellington School: A Celebration of the Arts, Diversity and the Community
Janny Gonzalez | 21, June

On the evening of May 24, this group of 40 young children performed their final showcase to a joyful and proud auditorium, with great professionalism and commitment…

JPI Friends, WE MADE IT!
Janny Gonzalez | 20, June

The Jazz Power Initiative Fifteen Anniversary Celebration brought joy, tears, music, dance and hope…

Registration open for Jazz Power Institute at Lehman College this Summer 2019
Janny Gonzalez | 01, April

Jazz Power Initiative in collaboration with Lehman College presents a two-day training for artists and educators free of charge.

Intergenerational Jazz Jam on April 14th featuring Max Pollak and Rumba Tap
Janny Gonzalez | 01, April

You can’t miss this opportunity to see Max Pollak and Rumba Tap in action!

May 29th Jazz Power Celebration is almost here!
Janny Gonzalez | 26, February

Honoring Kenny Barron and 15 inspiring years of Jazz Power Initiative.

NEW Intergenerational Jazz Jam series kicks off with JAZZ WOMAN TO THE RESCUE!
Janny Gonzalez | 01, September

We’re back with Intergenerational Jazz Jam, bringing people together to experience the power of Jazz, Community and Swing!

Free summer concerts in NYC Parks
Janny Gonzalez | 29, August

“Jazz Power to the People” and “Latin Jazz meets African American Dance,” brought together diverse audiences in uptown Manhattan.

Summer Jazz Arts Institute Brought Together Educators and Artists
Janny Gonzalez | 23, August

At the fourth annual Summer Jazz Arts Institute, a dozen educators learned to use the elements of jazz across various teaching disciplines.