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Dear Jazz Power friend,

Today we start our #JazzPowerToday campaign by inviting YOU to join us in elevating the impact of our Jazz Power Youth Arts Education and Community programs.

Why Jazz Power? Because we both believe in the tremendous power of music and education to shape futures and see it happening every week at Jazz Power. Our programs bring about positive change, empowering young minds, and fostering unity through the universal language of music.

What is our goal? With a targeted goal of $20,000, your contribution directly sustains and enriches our programs, ensuring each note played becomes a harmonious expression of the communities we serve. Your support becomes more than a donation; it’s a catalyst for tangible change.

How You Can Make a Difference? Your generosity holds the key to unlocking the potential of young artists and creates a symphony of change in our communities. I’m personally inviting you to be a part of this journey. To contribute, simply go to

Thank you for considering this heartfelt request. Your support is a powerful statement in shaping a brighter future through the transformative magic of Jazz Power Initiative.

With gratitude,

Janny Gonzalez Velasquez
Senior Director of Business Affairs

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