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Jazz Power Kiddos is a 6-week program that introduces 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students to jazz music and the performing arts through singing and movement. The winter session runs in-person on Saturdays from January 6th through February 10th, from 12PM to 1PM at Jazz Power Initiative’s headquarters located at 5030 Broadway, Suite 651, NY, NY, 10034.

In Jazz Power Kiddos, your young person will be immersed in the soulful sound of jazz through singing and movement. He or she will experience joy in music through exploration of improvisation, syncopation and other creative expressive jazz tools alongside healthy voice techniques providing a foundation for years of rewarding music making. Most importantly, your young person will join a community of creative young people who will enter the world of jazz together to learn powerful lessons about self-expression, leadership, collaboration, and diversity.

Jazz Power Kiddos is led by arts educator and vocalist Sofia Tosello. Originally from Cordoba, Argentina, Sofia Tosello is a vocalist and educator based in New York City for the past 23 years. Her music is rooted in the variety of Latin American cancion traditions, including tango, chacarera, bolero filin, son, samba, and bossa nova. Tosello prefers to see herself as a border-crosser, not bound by the logic of genre and Christopher Loundon, writing in Jazz Times, notes “The purity of Tosello’s voice is matched by the vibrancy of her emotional palette and inventiveness of her cross-cultural technique. The next wave in Latin American Jazz may well begin with Tosello”. Sofia has a masters degree in jazz performance from Queens College, CUNY, teaches college students at New Jersey City University and young children at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s WeBop program. This is her third year on the faculty of Jazz Power Initiative.

Jazz Power Kiddos schedule:

*Jazz Power Initiative headquarters (JPI) at 5030 Broadway, NY, NY, 10034, 6th Floor
1 hour of class

Saturdays: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

Saturdays: 3rd, 10th.

Run of Day:
Saturday @ 5030 Broadway Suite 651: JPI office
1st Slot: 12PM-1PM.
2nd Slot: 1PM-2PM.

Added bonus!: Free screenings provided by Lorraine Yamin to see if your child is reading at grade level. Lorraine is a NYS licensed teacher and social worker, as well as a certified literacy specialist. Additional information about Lorraine here.

Program fee: $5.00 per class for a total of $30.00

Program registration:
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