Transforming lives through jazz arts education.


NEW Intergenerational Jazz Jam series kicks off with JAZZ WOMAN TO THE RESCUE!
Janny Gonzalez | 01, September

We’re back with Intergenerational Jazz Jam, bringing people together to experience the power of Jazz, Community and Swing!

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Free summer concerts in NYC Parks
Janny Gonzalez | 29, August

“Jazz Power to the People” and “Latin Jazz meets African American Dance,” brought together diverse audiences in uptown Manhattan.

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Summer Jazz Arts Institute Brought Together Educators and Artists
Janny Gonzalez | 23, August

At the fourth annual Summer Jazz Arts Institute, a dozen educators learned to use the elements of jazz across various teaching disciplines.

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Jazz Power Musicals
Creating and commissioning original jazz musicals based on socially relevant stories that unite and inspire audiences through jazz arts.

Jazz Power Youth
Training youth in singing, dance and theatre in diverse and culturally aware environments, to cultivate courage, curiosity and compassion.

Jazz Power Educators
Equipping teachers and teaching artists with the skills and confidence to employ Jazz Power Tools to help students make deeper learning connections across all subject areas.

Jazz Power Community
Engaging, inspiring and empowering diverse communities through performance and education in jazz music, dance and theatre.