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Mary, Lou and William discover evidence that the Milky Way Galaxy is dying. The Zodiac Constellations have disappeared. Given a mission by The Big Bang, the children set off with a group of singing and dancing Asteroids to the Four Elements, (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) to learn about the blues from the Zodiac Constellations. They return to The Night Sky and using their new knowledge play the Blues and save the galaxy. The Blues, it is revealed, has been the healing energy holding the universe together for billions of years.

Featured Songs

“Message From Saturn”
Bluesy 2 feeling into swing a la Armstrong/Sinatra.

“Music Holds the Key”
Hora/jazz style.

“You Can Call Me Louise”
Two-part jazz/R&B ballad. **Boys and Girls Choral Arrangement Available**

“Healing Song”
Swinging, bluesy number.

Production Guide

Notes to Director
Message From Saturn is a musical space odyssey, so anything that captures the feeling of interstellar travel can enhance the play. Improvisation by ensemble cast is encouraged whenever the children are traveling from one element to another, as well as within the four elements. In the various productions so far, props, sets, and lighting increased the adventure and magical aspects of the show. Look for good chemistry for the three leads, and the quirkiest child for the role of Bebe, who can be played by either gender. White neutral masks play well for the “star” extras and allow for confusion-less doubling. Also helps fill the stage with children eager to conquer stage fears.

Notes to Costumer
Message From Saturn offers the opportunity to create costumes for the Zodiacs. Every kid can be involved. Group the kids to help with costume planning and creation by their signs.  Mary, Lou, and William can be dressed in regular kid attire.  Asteroids can be multi-colored with sparkles and glittering elements. Experiment. Attending Stars look great in white, neutral masks and offer the possibility for doubling.

Notes to Set Designer
To create the effect of traveling through space a rotating disco ball does the trick. Hang it above the stage and shoot a spot directly at it.

Perusal Copy

How to get Message From Saturn Perusals
Get your perusal copy directly from Jazz Power Initiative.

Licensing Message From Saturn
To license Message From Saturn, please contact:

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Jazz Power Initiative
5030 Broadway, Suite 657
New York, NY 10034
+1 917 818 1759

Jazz Power Initiative offers workshops to assist in producing one of our jazz musicals. Professional Development and Artistic Consulting are fee based services that can also be contracted through the JPI.

Past Productions

Podgorica, Montenegro
Message from Saturn (2017)

Euro-Asian Premiere, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Message From Saturn, full production in Russian (2016)

Lehman College, City University of New York, Bronx, NY
Graduate Students from the Elementary and Secondary Education Department
Message From Saturn, 3 mini-productions (2002-2003)

The Louis Armstrong Middle School, IS 227, East Elmhurst, NY
Grades 5-8
Message From Saturn, revised production (2005)
Message From Saturn, workshop production (2001)

  • Message from Saturn - Montenegro 2017