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We hold these truths to be self evident…

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Despite a worldwide outbreak, countries with catastrophic humanitarian crises, and an economic meltdown, it is still quite alarming that racism remains the world’s most deadly public health threat.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

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After a difficult week, our Managing Artistic Director Eli Yamin explains “how the power of music can bring us together”, and our Youth give us valuable life lessons through their work…

Onward To Greatness

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With many of our students graduating, families are entering a new stage in life. It makes us think about what advice we give to those who are tracing a new path.

Stories Are What Make Us Human…

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Now more than ever, we are deeply appreciative to all our teachers, performing artists, students and supporters for helping us keep the “Jazz Power ON.

Mark Your Calendars for our Rebroadcast!

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Tell your friends far and wide and let’s keep Latin Jazz Power ON with our Rebroadcast!

We come from MUSIC!

Lessons of self-identity and self-esteem are being taught at our Jazz Power Youth programs, and our students are truly engaged!

This is why we must keep JazzPowerON!

“Having JazzPowerON is a lifeline of positivity in the face of the unknown”…

Our Top Artist Resource Links are here for YOU!…

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In the midst of COVID 19, we are aware of the many impacts that many in our community are experiencing.  We have curated a collection of resources that are available to different artists in the cultural sector.

Jazz music and resources for freelance artists in this time of need!

JazzPowerON is our new online resources newsletter. We include resources for freelance artists, and amazing music to stay home!