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With many of our students graduating, families are entering a new stage in life. It makes me think about what advice we give to those who are tracing a new path.

Many of us recommend being a successful planner, as part of the set of tools that can help you accomplish any goal. Well, I would say that if you add ADAPTABILITY to the mix, you will beat all odds.

If we think about it, being a successful planner also includes allowing some space for errors. In Engineering, we calculate “overdesign” – you assume a calculation you made to be a percentage higher or lower, and this is selected as an end product. It doesn’t mean you might have made a mistake planning or that your design will fail. Rather, it allows flexibility to variations so if something happens, you are prepared for it.

PLANNING is essential. Developing ADAPTABILITY, and the subsequent CREATIVITY that comes from it, are two key components that helps you get through any situation. This combination allows you to grow stronger and reach your goals by seizing and creating new opportunities.

I think these lessons are applicable to all of us at the moment. Would you agree?


Janny Gonzalez
Business and Operations Manager


Remember last week’s Inspiration tune, Slim Gaillard’s Mishugana Mambo? Our JazzPowerON kids – and even the teachers – got up and danced to it’s swaying rhythm!


On this week’s JazzPowerON Stories, let’s hear from Annette Aguilar, one of our favorite Upper Manhattan percussionists. Not only is her story inspiring and culturally rich, but it is also part of the New York Latin Jazz spirit and soul. Thank you, Annette, for keeping the Latin Jazz Power ON!

Annette A Aguilar is a Nicaraguan-American percussionist, bandleader, and educator. Originally from San Francisco’s Mission District, Annette Aguilar, formed her Latin and Brazilian Jazz group, Annette A. Aguilar & StringBeans in 1992 inspired by her mentors Mongo Santamaria and Ray Barreto. Selected three times as Latin Jazz Ambassadors by the U.S. State Department in affiliation with the Kennedy Center and Jazz at Lincoln Center, the group has toured South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar (where they performed for the president), sharing their knowledge of music from the Americas and the Caribbean.



Wouldn’t it be “heaven” to hear some Billie Holiday tunes? We have a great one that you can enjoy with your sweetheart: A Sailboat in the Moonlight.


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