Jazz Power Initiative’s Spring Gala honored Barbara Murray, retired director of music for Department of Education.

Murray says:

“Jazz education is  and should be a fundamental component of every American student’s K-12 school experience. All that we are, culturally, historically and spiritually is inextricably connected to this gorgeous, complex and profound genre. Those who understand the depth of Jazz music’s importance to our understanding of ourselves, and its service to America as its aural, sensory griot, may be called truth tellers, sooth sayers and nurturers of a priceless flame. In its mission to deepen and enlarge the footprint of Jazz education among K-12 students, Jazz Power Initiative has proven its willingness and capacity to be a leader among this cadre of truth tellers and nurturers. Regardless of their ancestral heritage, students who benefit from Jazz Power Initiatives’s reach will undoubtedly become young people and future adults whose knowledge of themselves and the world is greatly and positively impacted by the knowledge and experiences Jazz Power provides.”