Featured Songs

1. Departure Overture
2. Mary Lou Williams Theme
3. Asteroid Landing
4. Message From Saturn
5. Milky Way To The Big Bang
6. Bebe’s Theme
7. Music Holds The Key
8. Travelin’ The Milky Way To Earth
9. Stomp Drum Solo

10. Travelin’ The Milky Way To Water
11. Ocean Swing
12. Blues for Saturn
13. You Can Call Me Louise
14. Into the Fire
15. In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down
16. A Healing Song
17. A Healing Song Reprise


Kimberly Teyengua (Mary)
Victoria Ortiz (Lou)
Marquise Neal (William)

Terese Francois (Narrator, Asteroid)
Joie St. Hubert (Asteroid, violinist)
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez (Bebe)

Samuel Coleman, dancer
Candice Franklin, dancer

Antoinette Montague, griot
Carol Maillard, griot
Louise Robinson, griot


Ty Stephens, Director
Eli Yamin, Conductor, Musical Director, piano
Knoel Scott, baritone saxophone, flute
Tom Dempsey, guitar
Jennifer Vincent, bass

David F. Gibson, drums
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez, Stage Manager
Brian Fender, Assistant Stage Manager
Angie Pastor, Production Assistant

For “JPI”
Eli Yamin, Managing and Artistic Director
Janny M. Gonzalez, Director of Business Affairs
Louise Diamond, Director of Program Initiatives
Brian Fender, Program Coordinator
Jonathan Hernandez-Jimenez, Program Assistant
Angie Pastor, Intern

Special Thanks to:
Jim Pastor, Graphic Designer

Jazz Power Initiative gratefully acknowledges the support and guidance received from senior dance teacher Mickey Davidson, senior voice teacher Antoinette Montague, artistic advisors Carol Maillard and Louise Robinson, and the Jazzmobile team of Robin Bell-Stevens, Linda Walton, and Shawn Whitley.