Transforming lives through jazz arts education.


Jazz Power Youth moving uptown…
JPI | 21, November

The Jazz​ ​Power​ ​Initiative,​ ​a nonprofit organization that transforms lives through jazz arts education is moving its youth programs to the historic United​ ​Palace​ ​Cultural​ ​Theatre…

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Jazz Power Youth Master Classes Registration OPEN
JPI | 15, October

Registration is now open for Jazz Power Youth Master Classes…

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Holding the Torch For Liberty at Johnny Pacheco Latin Music and Jazz Festival
JPI | 09, October

Celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage in New York State Holding the Torch For Liberty…

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Jazz Power Musicals
Creating and commissioning original jazz musicals based on socially relevant stories that unite and inspire audiences through jazz arts.

Jazz Power Youth
Youth training in singing, dance and theatre in diverse and culturally aware environments, to cultivate courage, curiosity and compassion.

Jazz Power Education
Equipping teachers and teaching artists with the skills and confidence to employ Jazz Power Tools to help students make deeper learning connections across all subject areas.

Jazz Power Community
Collaborative performances of jazz and jazz musicals that promote and celebrate America’s inclusive artistic innovations locally, nationally and internationally.