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Equipping teachers and teaching artists with the skills and confidence to employ Jazz Power Tools to help students make deeper learning connections across all subject areas.

JPI training gives participants hands on experience with Jazz Power Tools and how to activate them in a variety of learning and work environments. Jazz Power Tools include: personal story, making a soulful sound, stomp/clap, shuffle, swing, polyrhythm, syncopation, improvisation on a theme, call and response, co-signing, riffs and re-harmonization.

Current offerings include:

Summer Jazz Arts Institute, a three-day training for teachers and teaching artists held each summer in New York City since 2015. Special guest presenters include author/musician James McBride, Sweet Honey in the Rock founding members Carol Maillard, Louise Robinson and Somatic Voicework Founder, Jeanette LoVetri.

Syncopated Leadership, an immersive management workshop for leaders and team members in business, government and education created by Eli Yamin. Since its founding in 2007 in collaboration with John Hollwitz of Fordham Graduate School of Business and Jazz at Lincoln Center, the workshop has been presented to over 4500 executives and MBA students from 15 countries.

  • Eli Yamin leads teaching artist training, NYC